Getting Started Is Harder Then I Thought!

Here I am so excited to get my blog started and it has taken me two days to just get the design! This is so typical of me.  Pretty much the reason why my journey to decorated my home has been so incredibly daunting. I have lived in this particular home for a little more then 4 years and I am still trying to decorated it.  I have self diagnosed myself with ADD (without hyperactivity unfortunately) so I will use this as my excuse.  Really, my problem is that I love so many different styles that I cannot seem to stick with any one for too long.  Hopefully through this blog, I will meet wonderful people, get great input and get this home finished once and for all! But really I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I have enjoyed yours.  Let's face it, the fabulous little design blogs I have been reading for the past four years are partly to blame for my inability to stick to one design!  HaHa Let's begin this journey! 

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  1. well I pretty much have the same problem as you! HA! I am also working on my dining room, not sure what design or material I want to do my chairs in, do I install corner cabinets or not. Anyways, stop over and see me sometime at my blog. Looking forward to seeing what you do on here! :)