Bedroom Eye Candy!

We have bedroom makeovers on the brain in my house. All my girls are ready for a revamp and quite frankly so are my husband and I. I have started with my youngest and will be going to mine next. As I have hers already planned out and am currently working on the details - my brain is already wandering to ideas for mine. I am in love with the color green right now. Not mint green, not sage green but GREEN GREEN! More on that later.... As for now, here are some pretty fabulous bedrooms from House Beautiful and Elle Decor. Enjoy!

Elle Decor
I don't think I will ever dislike animal print!


How funny are these yes/no pillows?!!! I may have to steal this idea for an element of fun!

I used to hate white walls.  Now I love them!

House Beautiful

So rich and beautiful!

I wish I could remember where I got these pictures but I can't.  I love love love how dramatic they are. The blue is beautiful.  If I didn't get tired of things so quickly, I would love to have this bedroom!

The yellow vases are like the earrings that complete the outfit!


  1. Talk about eye candy! I love the red bed one!
    thank you for a sweet comment!

  2. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm now your newest follower. Love these pics of bedrooms. After two years of trying every trick in the book, my son has FINALLY agreed to his room getting a makover. He does not like change, so it's a really big deal for him. Our master bedroom is also on the list for a makeover. It's exciting, isn't it? Love the last pic with the yellow "earrings", aren't they gorgeous?

    Suzy xxx

  3. Such good inspiration. I love the yes/no pillows too! I saw that you're from OH, so am I so I always get excited to find fellow OH bloggers. I love your blog. The laundry room is so great!

    Newest follower :)

  4. I'm only mentioning Elle Decor cuz I saw you got pics from there....soooooo, I got a free digital subscription to Elle Decor. plus about 20 other paper subscriptions, all free :) love anything deocorating!! "Mojo savings" and "Thrifty NW mom" on facebook usually gives me all my deals. so I recommend joining those pages....

    amazing pics btw! I have a folder on my computer desktop of all fun decorating pictures I find that inspire me :)