Ideas for Handmade Décor

With all the wonderful bloggers and DIYers out there, ideas for handmade décor are more accessible than ever and more clever than you can imagine.  Here are a few ideas that we love. Some are new to us and some are classic handmade décor ideas we've loved for years. Use these interior design ideas, get out there and make something handmade for your home!

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This fantastic chandelier looks like a classic capiz shell light, but it is really a DIY masterpiece made from wax paper. Yes, wax paper.

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The starburst mirror looks great in a traditional or modern interior. This one was made of wood shims. It would also look great painted white or a bright color like yellow.

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Love these colorful petal covered lanterns by the geniuses in the craft's department over at Martha Stewart.  Brilliant way to customize an inexpensive paper lantern, inspire any decorating ideas?

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Love pattern and color in the kitchen. Here's a project to create colorful tile trivets with scrapbook paper or wallpaper.

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Reminiscent of vintage milk glass vases, this clever DIY project uses glass bottles and jars destined for the recycling bin.  You can paint them whatever colors you'd like to match your décor.

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Terrariums are a wonderful way to bring nature inside.  This is a great DIY project too.  Create a terrarium using a glass Mason jar or vintage cloche, or even a glass covered cheese tray.

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Creating a custom chalkboard in your kitchen design is a clever way to keep track of groceries and answer the age old question “what's for dinner?”.  With the new generation of chalkboard paints, you can add a chalkboard to a piece of furniture, wall or door. via

An oldie but goodie, glass jars converted into hanging votive lights with a little heavy gauge wire. It’s a timeless classic for warm summer nights.

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